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Stronger, longer and more environmentally friendly

Product Introduction


SPACE ENERGY SP-300 is a compact hydrogen fuel cell power generation system, designed as a small generator. It boasts excellent durability of the cell stack, enhancing the overall system efficiency. From component production to testing, it maintains consistent durability. In regions where secondary hydrogen can be used, there are cost savings in reformer expenses.

  • Clean and Environmentally Friendly

    Provides clean energy without emitting greenhouse gases, CO2, NOX, or SOX, contributing to a pollution-free environment.

  • Low Operational Noise

    Operates with minimal noise and vibration, offering environmental advantages over traditional diesel generators.

  • High-Density Output

    Boasts high-density power output.

  • Budget Savings

    In regions where secondary hydrogen is applicable, there are cost savings in reformer expenses.

  • Warranty Period

    12 months/3,000 hours

  • Easy Maintenance

    Optimized design facilitates regular checks and maintenance, allowing for easy troubleshooting and problem prevention.

Product Summary Information

Performance Rated Output 300kW
Voltage 380V, 60Hz
Fuel Fuel Type 99.97% Pure H₂
Safety & Certification Certification CE & FCC
System Warranty 12 months/3,000 hours
Product Specifications Weight 6,500kg
Size 2,500 x 1,900 x 2,600mm
Noise <70d BA/2m

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Product's 3D Detail

To explore in-depth details, please refer to the product catalog.

Environmentally friendly hydrogen energy for pollution-free power and mobility

Developed with a focus on safety and reliability by harnessing the infinite clean energy of hydrogen, this fuel cell replaces batteries to provide much longer range and stable power, making it an environmentally friendly energy source applicable in various settings.

Versatile Applications

With applications ranging from communication, disaster recovery sites, portable power generation, backup power, emergency power, off-grid power, microgrids, auxiliary power devices, and more, it can achieve a wide array of purposes.