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Fly Safer, Higher, Longer


  • ESG Excellence Certification ESG기업인증
  • Jeonnam National University Letter of Appreciation
  • Selection for Carbon Neutrality Leading Plant Project
  • Preparing for Guinness World Record Attempt
  • Distributor Contract with Nigerian Company
  • Export Contract worth 300,000 dollars, approximately 400 million won
  • PRE (Premium)-Designated High-End Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
  • Technology Excellence Certified Company
  • Innovation Procurement Certification Company
  • Design Innovation Promising Enterprise
  • Exhibition of 4.8kW AI Hydrogen Drone at the 10th Gwangju Design Biennale
  • Management Innovation-oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (Main-Biz)


  • HG-GH1800 Designation as Venture Startup Innovation Procurement Product
  • Acquisition of Intelligent Energy production license in Korea Intelligent Energy
  • Auditor of Jeonnam Provincial College
  • Contract signed for a factory of 4,000 pyeong scale in Gwangju Metropolitan City Advanced Industrial Complex
  • 2022 Startup Growth Technology Development Project (Strategic Type)
  • 2022 Regional Cooperation Innovation Growth Project (R&D)
  • 2022 Civil-Military Dual-Use Technology Development Project
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ISO14001:2015 ISO
  • Top 1000 Innovative National Enterprises
  • Promising Export Company
  • Outstanding Employment Company


  • Acquisition of KC certification for 650W/800W/2.4kW hydrogen power packs
  • Contract with Capturing Reality as the exclusive distributor in Korea
  • Selected for the NIA 5G Demonstration Test project
  • Selected for the Drone Demonstration City project
  • Acquisition of T3 grade in corporate technology value assessment T3 등급 획득
  • Successful demonstration flight of liquid hydrogen drone
  • Successful commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell power generation module
  • Korea-US (9,200km) 5G remote control demonstration


  • Acquisition of INNOBIZ certification
  • Acquisition of MAINBIZ certification
  • Contract with Intelligent Energy in the UK as the exclusive distributor in Korea and sale of hydrogen batteries
  • Business agreement with SKYLOCK in Israel for the Korean market SKYLOCK
  • Patent registration (modular drone locking structure)
  • Certified as a Family-Friendly Company
  • Agricultural machinery post-management service
  • Performance Sharing Company
  • Supporting project for strengthening small global defense industry enterprises


  • Patent registration (Unmanned aircraft control system)
  • Trademark (KEEFLY) registration
  • Patent registration (Encryption method for LTE-based unmanned aviation system)
  • Business agreement with Aero Geosurvey Indonesia
  • Business agreement with Walden Global Services
  • Business agreement with Aeroterrascan
  • Business agreement with Silver Arrow Hobby
  • 2019 Startup Growth Technology Development Project - Leadership Type
  • 2019 Startup Growth Technology Development Project - Innovative Type


  • Establishment of HogreenAir UK branch
  • Acquisition of Venture Company Certificate
  • Designated as Global IP Star Company (Korea Invention Promotion Association) 한국발명진흥회
  • Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
  • Acquisition of LTE BOXSET KC certification
  • Recognition as a group member of the Korea Aviation and Railway Accident Investigation Association
  • Acquisition of Drone Multi-Control GCS GS certification
  • Drone export to the UK
  • Award for excellence in the 2018 Mock Crowdfunding Competition
  • Direct Production Verification Certificate
  • 3D Printing Industry Development Base Project
  • 2018 Startup Growth Technology Development Project Stepping Stone 3rd phase


  • Establishment of company-affiliated research institute
  • Development and test flight of a drone control system based on LTE communication
  • Investment agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Contracted and progressed technology development with ETRI
  • Acquisition of KC certification for drones equipped with LTE communication control systems and agricultural drones
  • Selected for technology development by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute 항공우주연구원
  • Registration with the Aviation Accident Investigation Board
  • Remote control drone flight demonstration between Korea and Germany (9,300km)
  • Selected as a "First Penguin Startup" (Credit Guarantee Fund)
  • Trademark (HOGREEN AIR) registration
  • Selected as a K-Global 300 Company
  • Support project for SW Convergence Cluster R&D
  • Defense venture agreement company
  • Registration of ultra-light flight device operation business
  • 2017 Academic-Industrial Collaboration Technology Development Project


  • Establishment of HogreenAir Co., Ltd.
  • Admission to the Startup Promotion Center of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) 광주과학기술원
  • Qualification for competitive bidding
  • Mutual cooperation agreement and OEM contract with China TYX