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Good people with positive energy, gather and soar into the sky.

Hogreen Air Co., Ltd.
leads development and innovation based on technology and trust, offering a variety of mobility solutions utilizing hydrogen. Through Hogreen Air's high-level technical skills and research and development, the company is showing significant growth in the hydrogen market.

Established in September 2016,
our company has developed a variety of technologies to date. We operate not only in the drone software sector but also handle gaseous hydrogen and liquid hydrogen directly. We are maximizing efficiency and productivity to contribute to industrial development by making it applicable in various industrial fields.

Moreover, Intelligent Energy, a UK company possessing the world's top technology in the fuel cell sector, has entered into a foreign partnership with our company. Hogreen Air Co., Ltd. has signed development, distributorship, and domestic licensing agreements, showcasing the expansion in the hydrogen market.

Enhancing the continuous research level of Hogreen Air involves building an international research brainpool. We are doing our utmost to become a leader in the hydrogen market. A company to look forward to, even as time passes, Hogreen Air Co., Ltd. will show you.

CEO of Hogreen Air Co., Ltd., Hong Sung 싸인